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03 Mayıs 2019

Village Quality Products LTD

Village Quality Products LTD
Şirket Adı: Village Quality Products LTD
Telefon: +44 (0) 20 8531 3688
Adres: Unit A3 Circular Point, Hickman Avenue, London, E4 9JG

Are you looking for the best company that will give you the best service in cash and carry?There is nothing to worry about; Village Quality Product is now near you. We are the largest and independent wholesaler establishment in the UK. Visit us and we will provide you a wide range of product for you to choose. We are offering the best promotion with the entire wholesale products we have. We know the convenience and the affordability wholesaler brings to you.

Village Quality Products is a company of Masca Holding. In our institution, you are in charge of taking care of the products you want to buy. Just drop the money on our counter and you are free to go. UK’s largest and independent wholesaler Village Quality Products is located in London.

Masca holding also holds the following companies:

  • Cyprofood Limited
  • Mirpa Limited
  • Ava Produce Limited
  • Village Watermelon Limited
  • Lotus Limited
  • RS Properties Limited